Color Pop Pack (Mobile + Desktop)


This preset collection is all about summer – bright colors, tanned skin and carefree blues. Bring out those sunny turquoise tones in your tropical beach shots or a pop of rich reds in your bougainvillea captures. Whether you are at the beach or exploring cute little towns in Europe, this pack will give you a lot of versatility for different locations and light conditions.

The pack includes 16 unique presets. Each preset comes in a Desktop & Mobile version.

BONUS: Desktop presets include a few Adjustments presets, which allow you to add and remove different levels of Grain to your photos.

DOWNLOADS: Email confirmation with download links will be sent to you after payment. Desktop presets come in a ZIP format and need to be downloaded on a desktop computer (instructions here). Mobile presets can be downloaded directly to your phone through the order confirmation page and email (instructions here).

If you have any questions about downloading or installing the presets, feel free to email us at or DM us at @katerinandyinonpresets on Instagram. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!



  1. Stephanie H

    This set changed my life!! I thought everyone on Instagram was using VSCO to edit but this has opened a whole new world to me! I got the Lightroom app and installed it (it ws a little complicated) but it’s so easy to edit my pictures now and I’ve learned so much. Can’t wait to see what my feed will look like in a few weeks

  2. MariaTSpenser

    Preset Pack with the most features in Instagram

  3. Gabi

    Your presets are so beautiful!

  4. Paulina Garza

    I really love your preset pack and i would really like to use it on my instagram so it can help me improve my photo editing!!! Your presets arefull of life and color and I would love my pictures to be full of life as much as yours!!!

  5. Daniela

    Your preset pack is amazing, i would love to use them ALL. Sometimes i have problems editing my photos cause i am not really good, but i have found the solution of my problem with this preset pack🙌🏼

  6. Mariclair

    I’m so excited to use the setting more! It makes it so easy to take great photos, thanks so much!

  7. Peiyi

    This is gorgeous!

  8. lisa

    I love the way the colours pop using these presets!! And let’s face it – isn’t travel all about either the beach or the town? Perfect tools for the travelling instagrammer!

  9. B (verified owner)

    The best preset pack out there! My Instagram looks fab! Getting so many compliments.

  10. egrube22 (verified owner)

    Love these presets! I’ve been playing around with them on my phone but I can’t wait to use on our European vacation later this year!

  11. Stefanie

    Love these presets so much. The colors look so much brighter and beautiful. Can’t wait to use them on our trip to Greece this year.

  12. Hannah Perez (verified owner)

    The presets is just perfect for instagram goals. ❤️

  13. Tina Madeleine Nes

    I love IT!

  14. Kaeli Hammer (verified owner)

    I loveeee these presets! These are the only ones I felt like were worth buying and boy was I right! They are so beautiful and made my travel photos in Europe look amazing! I always get so many compliments!

  15. Nootchanart Aiumki-ake

    Preset Pack with the most features in Instagram

  16. Mary

    This is sooooo nice! A new whole way to make your photos more beautiful!

  17. Ce

    Love all the pressets!! My Instagram is super cool now!

  18. Seda

    This preset pack is wonderfull😍😍😍

  19. Ginagina

    Your presets are amazing.. I should buy the all of them😍

  20. Karolina (verified owner)

    I an so happy that i bought this preset, my pictures looks so beautiful with them😍

  21. Kat (verified owner)

    Love these filters for my photo editing!

  22. Rochelle W (verified owner)


  23. Riccardo (verified owner)

    These presets are super helpful for those who are searching for a natural finish. The picture are great without looking over-processed!

  24. Gaby Valle (verified owner)

    My goodness I absolutely love these presets!! I’m so glad I purchased them I should’ve bought them sooner!

  25. Paulo Dias (verified owner)

    Maravilhoso, justamente os procurava para minhas fotos .. infelizmente ficou um pouco puxado valor por eu ser do Brasil e o dólar está os olhos da cara…

  26. Lisha R. (verified owner)

    Do amazing! I bought the full collection and love all the presets. I’m a beach girl and they come in handy with every shot! The time saving magic wand!

  27. Had


  28. Erica

    love these so much!

  29. victoria (verified owner)

    The preset pack is just what I’ve been looking for, but couldn’t make myself!

    Thank you so much.

  30. Fatafehi (verified owner)

    Love these presets esp for my outdoor photos

  31. Francheska


  32. Francheska


  33. Leah (verified owner)

    These presets are so cute! Work for every pic, outdoor or indoor. So excited!!

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