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First of all, this guide is for WOMEN. I can’t speak about a man’s perspective as I only have my own experience. It’s also probably NOT for ALL women, because not every woman might want the kind of relationship I have.

But if you’re like me, you’ve been through this stage in your life. You keep meeting the wrong men. You keep going through disappointment after disappointment. They either don’t want to commit or commit but are not that serious about you. You give so much but you don’t get a lot in return. It’s starting to feel like a pattern. But you have no idea what you’re doing wrong.

If you can relate to this then this guide is for you.

I know this feeling all too well because that’s exactly where I was a few years ago, just before I met Yinon. Heartbreak after heartbreak, I just knew there was something I was doing wrong. But I had no idea what.

It took me some time to figure it out but once I did, everything just clicked.

I’ve made every single mistake described in this guide, and they all taught me one thing:

Finding love, building that relationship most of us dream of, is a skill. It’s something you can learn.

It’s not luck, it’s not random, and it’s not about your looks or your professional success. It’s about something inside you that you just need to get in touch with.

Us women… we have a special kind of magic. We are gentle, sensitive, mystical, yet tough as nails. We can break into tears and bare our souls, while we are emotionally stronger than any man. But we sometimes forget that our power is in our feminine energy. We try to suppress it, we are embarrassed by it or feel weaker because of it, when we should embrace it and use it.

This guide will teach you how to do exactly that. It will help you find that strong amazing woman that’s hiding in all of us. She is in touch with her emotions, she knows how to express herself, set boundaries and command the respect of her man. She is vulnerable and emotional but also doesn’t put up with bullshit. And she makes men weak in the knees.

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