It’s Katerina & Yinon, hi! Welcome to our Presets page and thanks for checking it out πŸ™‚

How We Edit Our Photos

We use Adobe Lightroom – a powerful software that professional photographers use to edit their photos. Anyone can use it to achieve a more professional look and to take their photos to the next level but, as with any professional program, it takes a bit of time to learn how to take advantage of all its features and how to properly use every setting.

That’s why we created our own presets (filters) – a set of pre-saved settings that are fine-tuned to achieve our signature look in one click. This helps us save time when editing new pictures and it can help you get the same look without spending months learning everything from scratch.

Desktop vs. Mobile

There are two versions of the Lightroom editing software – a Desktop software and a Mobile app. The Desktop version is what we use most of the time – it is a powerful program that gives you a lot of control but you need to pay a subscription fee (around $10/month) to download it and use it. The Mobile Lightroom app is free and can be easily downloaded from the app store. That’s why we offer our presets in both versions.

We mostly use the Desktop version as it is more versatile and produces higher quality results but the Mobile version is getting better and better as well and we sometimes edit photos directly on our phones when we are on the go or for our stories, etc.

What Is Included

Below you will find our favorite Lightroom presets we use to achieve the look of our photos – our Beach Life pack contains is more suitable for beach photos and the About Town pack is better for city shots with less ocean available πŸ˜› There is also the All In One collection which contains all Beach and Town presets. Each Desktop pack contains 8 different presets and the All In One Collection contains all 16 presets. In addition, each preset comes in two versions – one for JPEG photos and one for RAW photos. So even if you don’t shoot in RAW, you’re covered! You will still need to use high resolution files for best results.

Our Mobile pack also contains 2 versions of each preset – one with high and one with low intensity. They are designed to work with higher and lower quality photos as this can greatly affect the result of your editing. These presets will work with pictures from your phone camera as well as a regular camera.

If you’re already a pro and know how all of this works, great! But otherwise, please be sure to check out our FAQ for more information as well as our Tutorials on how to import your Desktop and Mobile presets and how to do basic adjustments in Lightroom. Each pack also comes with a PDF file with instructions so be sure to read those too.

We hope you enjoy these as much as we do and can’t wait to see what you create with them! Be sure to use the hashtag #kypresetsΒ or tag @kypresets so we can check out your work and share it with our community πŸ™‚