Dust & Scratch Vintage Effect (Photoshop Needed)


This pack contains Dust & Scratch overlays we use to edit our Instagram pictures. Add that vintage feel to your photos using our carefully curated overlays. They are quick and easy to add on top of an already edited picture and add a bit of a rustic vintage effect.

Read our step-by-step guide on using the overlays here.

The pack includes 10 overlays that you can mix and match together.

Please Note: These are Dust & Scratch effects only, NOT editing filters. They will not change the colors of your photos, but simply add the vintage effect on top of them. To use these effects you will need the desktop version of Photoshop (mobile app doesn’t work) and some basic Photoshop knowledge.

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    Dust & Scratch Vintage Effect (Photoshop Needed) photo review
    Dust & Scratch Vintage Effect (Photoshop Needed) photo review
    Dust & Scratch Vintage Effect (Photoshop Needed) photo review
    Morgan & Pierre
    I love adding a vintage look to my photos! When Katerina & Yinon announced they were making their dust and scratch effect available for purchase I bought them immediately! You will not be disappointed! Keep in mind these are not presets and they will not change the color of your photos! You also need to have a basic understanding of photoshop in order to apply them! They are a perfect finishing touch on any photo!
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