Full Collection Pack (Mobile + Desktop)


This pack contains the full collection of presets we use to edit our Instagram pictures as well as all of the photos on our blog. From colorful summer tones, to tropical beaches, to lush greens and more toned down colors, to golden-tone sunsets, the Full Collection pack contains presets for every possible light condition.

We use it to edit our beach photos, city photos, and dreamy summer sunsets. These presets help us edit our photos quickly and keep our feed consistent.

The pack includes all 32 presets from our 2 individual preset packs:

  • No Filter Pack
  • Color Pop Pack

Each preset comes in a Mobile and Desktop version.

As a bonus we’ve also included a few Adjustments presets for Desktop, which allow you to add and remove Grain to your photos.


PLEASE NOTE: Desktop presets come in a ZIP format and need to be downloaded on a desktop computer. Mobile presets can be downloaded directly to your phone through the order confirmation page and email.




    Thees presets are so amazing! Can't wait to try it!
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