Where To Stay In Santorini

About Santorini Unlike the tiny old town of Oia, Santorini is quite a big and spacious island. So there are actually a lot of options for your stay there depending on your preference and budget. And that’s great news! But…

Dreams Luxury Suites, Santorini (And Why You Shouldn’t Stay In Oia)

So, where should you stay in Santorini? If you already read our list of things we loved and hated about Santorini, you probably know we loved Oia but would not recommend booking your accommodation there. Oia is the main attraction…

What We Loved And Hated About Santorini

Even though we’d seen so many pictures of Santorini and Greece all over the place, it was never really on top of our list of Greek islands to visit, mainly because we are typically not the biggest fans of the…

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