Desenio Art Prints Review

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in a collaboration with Desenio.

Settling Down Again

Our decision to sell everything and travel the world for a year was one of the best things we ever did. But we finally had enough of traveling without a base and settled down in Miami. And all of a sudden, not owning too many things came back to bite us. We got a beautiful new apartment and had nothing to decorate it with!

After taking care of the main things (like furniture :)) we moved on to the finishing touches, which in my opinion, are even more important when it comes to making your home stylish and cozy at the same time. That’s when we discovered Desenio and it instantly made our lives easier.

Desenio Art Prints Review

If you’ve ever tried looking for art prints online you know how much of a pain it can be. You spend hours looking for something modern and cool, but also somewhat unique, and then you finally find it!

Now you need to spend even more time looking for a frame to go with it.

Maybe you’re lucky and you find a frame in the exact size and style you need, but most likely you will need to order a custom one. Well, inevitably you end up getting something that doesn’t quite fit because ordering a custom frame with the right measurements can be quite complicated. And the whole experience ends up being so frustrating and time-consuming.

Not with Desenio!

My favorite thing about Desenio artwork is that for every print they sell, there is an option to add a frame in the exact size you need. They have a number of frame options from white to light and dark wood, as well as copper, gold silver and black. The frame shapes are clean, simple and go perfectly with the prints.

And if you’re looking to buy more than one artwork for your place, this makes it easy to make sure all of your various frames are in the same style and go together.


Ordering wall art prints online can get quite expensive, especially when you add the framing, but Desenio’s pricing is surprisingly affordable. The quality of the prints is great and the images are crisp.

The quality of the wood frames is also really good. The plexiglass is lightweight, shatterproof and looks as nice as solid glass.

What We Picked

Our apartment has an all-white rustic coastal vibe with lots of bright creamy tones, light grey and natural wood elements. So to complete this style, we wanted to stick to those tones in the wall art we picked.

We went for black and white sketch-style prints with all-white frames and one light wood frame to add a little texture. These 3 look amazing together and add so much character to our bedroom!

Watercolor Hands No1 Poster – 40x50cm with a Light Wood frame

Black Wood Poster – 30x40cm with a White frame

Femme Study No1 Poster – 21x30cm with a White frame


For more frames in this style, we have a few more recommendations from Desenio that you might like:

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you can also check out Desenio’s Gallery Walls, where you can find their prints styled in different interior settings. It’s a great way to see which prints work well together and get some decoration ideas.


If you order only posters without the frames, your shipping will be free with an order of $45 and more. Otherwise the shipping fee is $4.49. If you order frames and posters, shipping is $9.95.

We were quite happy with the shipping time as our order arrived in just 2-3 days to the US after it was shipped.

Happy shopping!

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