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One of the best ways to learn how to edit with Lightroom is through using presets. So, to help you learn how to edit in Lightroom better and get a little test of our filters, we are giving away 1 Lightroom Presets for FREE download in ZIP & DNG format (Desktop & Mobile).

What Are Lightroom Presets?

Presets are essentially pre-saved settings that you can import into your Lightroom Desktop software or Mobile app and use to edit your photo. They work essentially like filters. You can apply the same settings to many different photos which essentially will give them a consistent edit.

You still need to adjust them after applying as all photos have different lighting and colors. But overall presets can save you a lot of time editing photos and can help you achieve a consistent feed.

Get Our Professional Lightroom Presets Here

After years of working on social media, we have developed our own professional Lightroom Presets for Mobile and Desktop. They help us edit our photos quickly and achieve this uniform tone across our feed without much hassle. You can check them out here:

Why Are We Giving Away A Free Lightroom Preset?

Presets can work differently on different cameras and settings, and even with different photographing styles. If you enjoy taking your pictures in a certain way, then our presets might not necessarily work for you. That’s why we are giving away a free Lightroom preset that you can download in DNG and ZIP format and test with your photos.

We also wanted to help those of you who want to learn how to edit or are just curious about presets but don’t necessarily want to commit to a full preset pack yet.

Caramel Preset for Lightroom Desktop & Mobile

Our Caramel preset was designed to work best with sunset photos or photos taken in indirect/diffused sunlight. It has a soft smoky golden tone and adds a little red/orange hue to skintones to give you that caramel tan look.

This is one of our most romantic presets and it works well on a variety of photos.


How To Download Our Free Lightroom Presets in ZIP & DNG

To download our free Lightroom preset for Mobile & Desktop, just sign up for our email list using the form below. You will receive your preset downloads in an email.

How To Install Your Free Presets

Once you have your preset downloads, you just need to install them! Luckily we already have instructions ready for you:

For Desktop instructions click here.

For Mobile instructions click here.



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