Sutera Pillow Review

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If you’re constantly on long flights, then you know all too well the back pain and neck issues that come with that travel lifestyle. We always have a neck pillow with us, of course, but it’s not always enough. It’s especially hard when you have a few long flights within a short amount of time.

And no matter how comfortable your neck pillow is, we still suffer from aches and pains after a long flight. While we can’t exactly fix this problem, we started looking into how we could prevent the aches and pains from following us once we got back home.

Having the right pillow will make or break your night, or neck. The neck is like the unsung hero of the spinal cord, you never notice it while it’s quietly working properly. But if something happens,  then it’s all you can think about! A bad sleeping position or just sleeping on the wrong pillow for one night can cause a lot of neck tension that plagues you for the entire day or week.

Back in New York, we used to go to our chiropractor on a weekly basis. Although Yinon always had back issues, I just liked having an adjustment to release the tensions from sitting in the office all week.

As I often sat in the waiting room, I would glance at all the typical spinal posters that you see in such an office. What really surprised me though, was all the ergonomic pillows stacked in my chiropractor’s office, which seemed a little excessive. At that time, I didn’t think too much about ergonomic pillows. Plus they just seemed a little expensive for just a pillow… or so I thought.

But when we moved to Miami in the middle of the pandemic, lots of stores were closed and online shopping was taking a long time. And we needed to buy almost everything for our new home!! We ended up buying some inexpensive pillows from a local store. We had to sleep on them for a few months until we were able to get something better.

This is when I started to understand the importance of a good pillow.

We soon found out how cumbersome a task it can be to find the right pillow. In our search we wanted to find something that provides enough support and is suitable for back and stomach sleepers.

Enter Sutera!


The pillow arrives vacuum-sealed in a small compact box

This oddly shaped memory foam pillow works wonders for every sleep position you could possibly be in. Its shape reminded me of the pillows I had frequently seen in my Chiropractor’s office. Initially, I was a little hesitant to try it because of the odd shape. I also loved having soft pillows that you can sink into, but they simply aren’t supportive enough for our necks.

We both fall sleep on our stomachs but switch our sleeping positions a lot throughout the night. Most memory foam pillows are for specific type of sleeper, be it stomach, back or side sleepers. On top of that, even if they match your sleeping style, the wide range in body shapes and sizes means that a certain pillow might still not work for you or fit your body type. So this all sounded too complicated and we never thought to give them a go.

Why You Need A Cervical Pillow

Cervical pillows, like Sutera, are designed to keep your neck and back in proper alignment through the night, which allows for better sleep and helps prevent injury during the REM cycle. Sutera is specifically shaped to cradle your head and keep your neck in a supported position. And a few creative design features allow Sutera to work well regardless of the position you sleep in.

So once we found out the Sutera memory foam pillow works with all sleeping positions, we decided to try it. It also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee and an affordable price point. So you can’t really go wrong.

Sutera also has curves on the side of the pillow for your arms to rest in when you sleep on your stomach. You’ll no longer need two pillows to adjust and angle to get the right support. It no longer matters what type of sleeper you are, stomach, back or side sleeper, or if you change it up all night like us.

It generally takes a week to notice if you have the right pillow for your neck. But with Sutera we began noticing the difference within days. If any of you have orthopedics, then imagine that supportive, carefully contoured and comfortable feeling you get for your feet but instead for your neck.

Admittedly, I missed that sinking feeling of a down feather pillow, but after trying out Sutera, I fell in love with the feeling you can only get on a memory foam pillow. My neck feels firmly supported, as if it’s in the exact correct position throughout the night. I wake up fresh and well-rested and finally said goodbye to that morning neck soreness.

The fact that it’s made of memory foam also means that it’ll last longer than a regular pillow that can lose shape within months of purchasing it.

We’ve slept more deeply and more peacefully since switching over to Sutera’s memory foam pillow without any neck pain. We’re just happy we found Sutera!

Click here to get 20% off your dream pillow from Sutera with our discount code KATYIN20


  1. Lynn Brooks
    November 12, 2021 / 1:36 pm

    Do you make a small Sutera for travel
    I have a regular size one
    but would love a small one for travel
    Thanks Lynn Brooks

    • Linda Shereda
      September 27, 2022 / 9:07 pm

      How often should I replace my Sutera pillow?

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