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Wherever we go around the world, we love finding hotels that are good value for money. It has become our expertise of sorts. One of our tricks for finding such places is to look for 4-star hotels with high ratings. That way you get 5-star experience for a more affordable price. The Gate Hotel in Tokyo is just one of those places, and more!


Our visit to Tokyo in April was right at the end of the Sakura season. The city was still very busy but much less than the previous couple weeks when millions of people flock to Tokyo. The weather was nice and cool, just right for short sleeve and a light jacket. It’s much more pleasant the summer heat and the city feels alive but not too crowded.

We stayed at the fabulous Gate Hotel that just opened in December. The hotel is brand new, beautifully designed with spacious comfortable rooms and impeccable service. It was easy to feel at home here right from the start. The hotel provided us with a quiet and cozy base to explore the city, but with a very central location.

The Location

The Gate Hotel is located in Shimbashi, right in the middle between Ginza, Hibiya, and Yarakucho. If you are coming by train from the airport, the location is very convenient – just a short 2 minute walk from Shimbashi station.

The location is very convenient and perfect for sightseeing. The popular Ginza shopping district, Imperial Palace and Kabukiza Theatre are all within walking distance. The hotel is also just steps away from Tokyo’s famous Yakitori alley – an area under the Shimbashi railway tracks famous for its traditional Japanese restaurants (izakaya).

Best Thing About The Gate Hotel Tokyo…

… is the lobby terrace! The reception of the hotel is located on the 4th floor. The lobby and terrace are spacious, light-filled, with floor to ceiling windows and unbeatable views of Ginza. You can really feel the pulse of the city just by stepping outside and watching people and cars pass by in a typical fast-paced Tokyo fashion. There is plenty of seating space so you can choose your favorite and enjoy the view in any style you want. This area is open to the public so you can meet up with your friends from Tokyo here!

We loved sitting in the lobby terrace during the day with our laptops doing some work while still feeling like we were out in the town. And it was equally fun enjoying a glass of wine here in the evening to unwind after a busy day exploring Tokyo.

If you want to get some more awesome views and combine them with a little workout, you better hit the gym on the top floor! At the Gate Hotel you can enjoy them both with all the new equipment and the beautiful view of Hibiya.


The Rooms

There are some things in a hotel that make your stay even better than you expect. It’s usually the small details. For us it was the Japanese two-piece pajamas made from a double gauze fabric that we had waiting for us in the room at the Gate Hotel. The comfortable mattress that made our jet lag go away fast, and of course the Nespresso cafe that we are just addicted to.

Our room had a beautiful view of Ginza and a cozy seating and work area by the window. We are always working when we travel so this was an important detail for us.

You’ve probably also heard about the famous Japanese high-tech toilets. They typically feature washlet bidet functions and can play soothing sounds for you among other things. But the toilets at the Gate Hotel go even a step further. They have motion censors and will open and heat the toilet seat for you automatically when you enter the room!



When a place serves you eggs Benedict for breakfast, you know you are in a great place. Even though trying to be on a diet, we couldn’t resist the warm croissants when we had our cappuccinos.

Breakfast is served at the Anchor Tokyo restaurant that operates on the 4th floor of the hotel. The restaurant is open 24 hours but breakfast was our favorite. You can even sit outside in the open-air terrace and enjoy the luxurious breakfast there.

A variety of warm and cold sides are available, as well as fresh-squeezed juices and pastries.


Premium Lounge & Terrace

This area is located on the 13th floor and also offers stunning views of the city. It features a Premium Lounge, open between 2pm and 11pm every day, and an open-air terrace. The terrace is available to all hotel guests between 6am and 1pm.

Snacks and beer are available free of charge. Other drinks are available to guests for an additional charge.

What We Loved

The Gate Hotel Tokyo is one of those places that just strives to exceed your expectations. Every little detail is well thought-out, the rooms and amenities are built for your convenience, and the staff is warm and helpful every step of the way.

  • Location is unbeatable in Tokyo
  • Affordable
  • Great WiFi (you’d be surprised but not every hotel in Tokyo offers that)
  • The lobby terrace has so much character and the lights of Ginza will hypnotize you
  • The comfortable pajamas 🙂

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