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One of the unique things about Tel Aviv is that, although it’s a large metropolitan city, it also has a small-beach-town vibe. It’s surprisingly easy to get around by foot and most major tourist attractions are not too far from one another. So choosing where to stay in Tel Aviv is not that hard.

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Tel Aviv Travel Tips

As someone who lived in Tel Aviv for 6 years, I always loved the city, but never really knew why.

It’s only when I started coming back here with Katerina and later with her family that I started seeing more clearly what makes this city so unique.

Tel Aviv is so vibrant, with incredible Mediterranean weather and food, it is really fast moving, and beautiful, while also chill just like a good ole beach town.

Here are a few general tips on traveling to Tel Aviv:

  • It’s not cheap. This is not your Maldives vacation but Tel Aviv is as expensive as Paris or Milan. The things that will cost you the most are food and accommodation.
  • You don’t need a car in Tel Aviv. If you are not planning to leave the city during your stay we recommend not to rent a car. There is a train from the Airport straight to the center. And depending on where you stay in Tel Aviv, the city can be pretty walkable. While in the city you have many options like the very popular scooters, shared taxis (called Sherut), busses and of course taxis and Gett and Uber. If you are going on a day trip, renting a car in Tel Aviv is much cheaper than the airport so this is also recommended.
  • You don’t need a lot of cash. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere, even street food stalls in most cases.
  • Almost everyone speaks English. Don’t be shy to ask for an English menu as they are available everywhere.

Where To Stay In Tel Aviv

The best thing about Tel Aviv is that no matter where you stay, you will not be more than a 15 minute walk from the beach. You can cross the entire city in 20 minutes by scooter or 30 minutes by bicycle. With that in mind it’s safe to say that wherever you choose to stay in Tel Aviv, you will not be too far away from its most popular attractions.

Jaffa – Best For Sightseeing

Jaffa is the old town of the city of Tel Aviv. If you feel like ditching the buzzing big city life to wander around quiet cozy little streets, tasting some local sweets while browsing art and vintage shops, you will love Jaffa. It’s a mix of cultures, tastes and sounds.

You will find the flea market here, which is full of old antiques, clothes, and jewelry and is a great place to buy gifts. At night, it’s a totally different place with chic and trendy restaurants full of young people and music in every corner.

And let’s not forget about the Jaffa beach, which offers some of the most stunning views of the city skyline. This is one of our favorite places for an evening stroll or to just grab a coffee by the beach.

Where To Stay In Jaffa

  • The Setai – not much can compete with the infinity pool and the glorious location of The Setai Jaffa
  • The Jaffa Hotel – the most stylish hotel in Jaffa, really in our vibes with all white walls and gorgeous pool
  • Casa Nova – brilliant design and rooftop in the heart of Jaffa.
  • The Drisco – right outside of all the Jaffa  center, find the the Drisco with it’s a generous buffet breakfast

Basel And The Old North – Best For Families

Basel is one of the more quiet but central areas of Tel Aviv, placed right in the heart of the “old north”. It’s a short 12 minute walk from the beautiful Hilton beach, where we highly recommend you watch the sunset at least once while in the city.

In Basel you will find many boutique clothing and artisanal shops as well as some of the best coffee shops.

  • Hilton – the best location if you want to stay right on the beach and don’t mind the price
  • Jacob Samuel –  one of the newest hotels in town – beautiful design, great for public transportation and a short walk to the beach
  • Herods Tel Aviv – finding yourself on the beach of Tel Aviv right on the Gordon Pool and marina could be quite an exciting experience at The Herods

The Heart of Tel Aviv – Best For Nightlife

Stay here if you want to feel like a real Tel Avivian. The busy streets of Dizingof and Rotschild merge in the area of the Dizingof Center shopping mall.

This is where you can really feel the local vibe. There is an endless supply of coffee shops and bars that are open till the late hours of the night, buzzing with young people every day of the week. Walk around, do some shopping, do some bar hopping, try the best hummus and shawarma in the city, and when you get enough – you’re always just a short walk from the beach.

  • Poli House – This hotel has a young urban vibe to it, we stayed here last time and loved it. The incredible location right next to Carmel Market and the rooftop pool are the highlights of this place. The rooms are quite small but the rest outweighs it and the price tag is affordable.
  • Brown Hotel – We’ve stayed here as well and love this place so much. It has an amazing location and design and a rooftop with beautiful views.
  • 65 Hotel – Really good when coming for business and having meetings around Rothschild
  • Crown Plaza City – Right near all the shopping in Sarona and Haarbaa street
  • Hotel Rothschild 22 –  Beautiful white rooms with great view and lounge for happy hour. Great location right on the Rothschild boulevard

On The Beach

Let’s face it – the beach is Tel Aviv’s main draw. No matter how long you’re staying or what you do in the city, you will end up coming back to the beach again and again.

And we don’t blame you, the vibe on the beach is one of a kind. Here you really feel the pulse of the city with its palm tree lined boardwalk, bars with outdoor seating and light house music filling the air, beautiful people everywhere… it’s a never ending summer in Tel Aviv.

If you want to stay right on the beach, there are plenty of big hotels here with amazing views and easy beach access.

  • Carlton – right on the beautiful Gordon beach, with an incredible spa and gym and a great lobby for meetings. You can also find the famous Chef restaurant by Meir Adoni in the hotel
  • David Intercontinental – considered the best hotel in Tel Aviv for many years. Very close to The Old Station, Jaffa, and Neve Tsedek neighborhoods
  • Dan Panorama – top pick for celebrities like Madonna, Justin Bieber and more

View from the boardwalk at Gordon Beach

Where To Stay In Tel Aviv On A Budget – Florentin

Florentin used to be an industrial area with underground clubs and bars. Today it is a quiet, hipster neighborhood, full of uniquely themed bars and cafes. You will find street art, local and international food, and many affordable places to stay.

  • Florentin House – great option of beautiful private or shared rooms in a clean and great location in a really good price. This is pretty much the only hotel in the neighborhood with many to come soon
  • Trust Inn – trendy apartment for rent
  • Florentin Guest House – small but cozy rooms perfect for limited budgets
  • Book an AirBnB (sign up here to get $45 off your first stay) – Use this option if you want to rent your own place instead of staying at a hotel. This is a great option to save money – not only because your accommodation will be more affordable but also because you can save on meals. Eating out can be quite expensive in Tel Aviv so having a kitchen and a fridge and being able to cook at home can help you stay on budget.

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