Silavadee Pool Spa Resort In Koh Samui, Thailand


Having a great experience at a really nice hotel is easy. Most 5 star resorts make sure you really enjoy your stay. But Silavadee Resort in Koh Samui is in a different category. It’s a place where not only do you feel well taken care of, but also feel like every single staff member is invested in you enjoying your time. From the moment we checked in until the moment we left for the airport, Silavadee made us feel the most relaxed we’ve ever been.



About half of Silavadee’s accommodations are private villas and the other half are regular rooms. We stayed at villa 11, which happens to be Katerina’s lucky number ­čÖé

The villa is exquisite in every way. Luxurious hardwood floors, stylish interior and floor to ceiling windows throughout. We were really impressed by the fact that our villa boasted beautiful views of the surrounding area and the sea, while still maintaining full privacy from our neighbors with all curtains lifted. So we were able to enjoy the views and soak in the sun, nature and greenery outside without having to worry about curious guests in nearby villas.


Our villa had two private pools – one a little deeper for swimming and the other one just deep enough to tip your legs above the knees. So you can still cool off from the heat here while not having to get fully wet. This pool was our favorite place to relax in the evening with a glass of wine, listening to exotic bird sounds and watching the sky change colors.


There are two restaurants at the resort. The Height offers traditional Thai cuisine and the Moon restaurant has international options in addition to Thai dishes. There is an option for half or full board when you book your stay.

There is a buffet breakfast and dinner at the Moon restaurant and you can order a la carte for lunch.We had the full board option and we mostly ate there. The buffet was rich and offered a variety of options so we did not get bored of it during our 3-night stay.


Star rooftop bar at Silavadee Resort


In addition to all the private villa pools, the property has two more pools for common use. Each of them provides a different vibe depending on what you’re feeling like.

One is located near the lobby area on the way to the beach. It’s tucked away under thick vegetation and drenched in the sounds of nature. This is the best place in the resort to watch the sunrise, which at the right time can teleport you to another universe filled with rare colors and sounds. This pool feels a little more private although there is still a small bar where you can order a drink.

The other pool is near the main restaurant. It is a little bigger and usually busier than the other pool. It still provides a beautiful view to the sea, sun chairs in the water and a bar. But this is more of a place to get social than relax on your own with a book in hand.


The Beach

The hotel also has a private beach, accessible through a walkway near one of the pools. The beach is small and quiet, perfect for relaxation. There is a bar area and hammocks provided by Silavadee. Some of the hotel activities take place here, like the morning yoga class.

But our favorite activity at the beach was the champagne breakfast the resort organized for us. The setup was dreamy and comfortable with giant floor pillows and airy shade. We woke up early to have the breakfast before 8am as the sun can make it very warm early in the morning. We would recommend even earlier if you can wake up! Watching the sunrise and enjoying this rich breakfast with birds chirping and butterflies passing by was an unforgettable experience. To book the champagne breakfast, make sure you ask at reception.



And if you get the chance, don’t forget to try the spa at Silavadeee. We highly recommend the aroma therapy massage. You get to choose the scent of the massage oil with each option offering different benefits – health, relaxation, destress.

It’s All In The Details

During our entire stay at Silavadee we kept thinking one thing – they really thought of everything! From the comfortable slippers, to the beach bag and mosquito spray, to the local snacks housekeeping leaves in your room every evening, to the dreamy smell of jasmine that follows you around all day after getting a massage. From all of our travels so far, this is really one of our favorite places to stay in. If you want full relaxation and privacy while all of your needs are still being impeccably taken care of, Silavadee is the place to be!

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