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Paros – A Hidden Gem In The Greek Islands

When you think of Greece, the first two islands that pop up into your head are probably Santorini and Mykonos. They are both extremely popular and for good reasons! The striking white villages perched high up on the edges of…

4 Days In Italy: Rome, Praiano, Positano

There’s a reason why people are willing to spend 10-20 hours scrunched into a plane seat just to get to a distant location, and that reason is waking up in a place like Positano. Italy is already at the top…

Flamingo Beach Aruba – Is It Really Worth It?

Let’s face it – you’ve seen a million pictures on Instagram of bikini-clad girls blissfully feeding pink flamingos on a dreamy turquoise beach. Same! It was one of those pictures that inspired me to book a flight to Aruba and…

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